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this weekend is the tenth annual four bridges art festival. on my way to and fro i decided to take a short cut and walk between a chicken factory and the old southern furniture building. the answers aren't always as pleasant. regardless there i found some yellow, blue and green to savor in my short cut, and tried to ignore the lingering smell of gutted birds, the pieces of which had to be avoided along the walk. is it beautiful? only if you ignore the truth. or is the truth beautiful? at least not in this case, i seriously doubt it. and yet there is growth in decay. right? like mushrooms, the places they grow.

the day was good; if i may be a bit frank, in regard to the festival; it's interesting to see that so many of the artists are repeat artists, meaning each year there aren't as many new artists chosen to show in the festival. so out of the 160 artists chosen, there are many i've seen over and over again. there is something really wonderful about that; to see their individual artistic growth over the years. i truthfully do not mind, but it does leave me feeling a little disheartened. or maybe it's that i feel like i must do better at investigating, discovering the new artists. i'm also not at all interested in see clothing or jewelry. that's just me, i'm not at all saying it's not art or it's not worthy to be in the festival. clothing and jewelry even beautiful, and made by hand feels more commercial to me, more of a marketable item, than say a nice painting or a wonderful piece of pottery. so i skip over the clothing and jewelry artists and look for more depth in what the festival offers.

i found several things worth noting; and had the fine opportunity of being yesterday's afternoon tour guide for chattarati.com. it was exactly spontaneous. i chose the artists because of my familiarity with their work or because they were new to the show, or because i feel they might be otherwise overlooked. i also must say, it is important, vital to study art, ask questions, in order to become a better artist. so the opportunity that chattarati gave me, served a multitude of purposes. feel free to check out the video content and don't hesitate to let chattarati or ava know what you felt or thought about the work you saw.

and maybe, just maybe next year you'll see me on the other side; showing my work. we'll see.

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