clothesline + new art

hi folks! i spent the weekend at our clothesline art show and am just now catching up on things here. it has definitely been a minute. i have completed several new pieces. the piece pictured above is my above my newest. i haven't quite decided on a title, nothing seems to be hitting me right. i've got words and thoughts about this piece and what it felt like while making it, but nothing, as of yet, is coming to the surface. for now i have been calling it ::snow lightning trees:: i really have absolutely no idea why. it's rather a bother and not worth the fuss.

i am taking several of my new works to a photo lab this week, to shoot some higher quality images of them. after that i plan to update my etsy shop.

i have a holiday show coming up on november 13, two new canvases ready for paint and a solo show coming up in december. i rather doubt i am going to have much time to update but i will try as hard as i might.

i find that my life is changing, it always does but these days, life is directing me in ways i have never quite experienced before. where some things seemed at one time blurry, they are now becoming more clear to me, more in focus. goals i have been reaching for and working toward seem to be growing increasingly closer to achieving. i have these sneaking suspicions and have no idea what i am really suspecting. i think mostly i can see and hear and feel inspiring things, affirming words and sense some echoing truths about where and what i am supposed to be doing. and as fantastical as it may sound i sense all this through making my art, painting and drawing. just the idea of creating something has begun to lead me in ways i never really spent time imagining. and it isn't as if i've got a whole lot of time to spend contemplating these matters. i am still working a full time job, still making art as much as i can in the evenings, still reading as much as i can, still seeing the family and friends. additionally i've begun writing for a local online news source; chattarati.com. its a way for me to go and study art, review and critique, then put my thoughts down about what seems right and worthy. it is a completely new feeling of fulfillment i never would have cared to think about. now i feel like writing about art all of the time and hunt for the next opportunity to write about a new show or exhibit. i am not even sure i am all that good of a writer but it seems to me that having been given the opportunity in the first place, i might make the best of it. and it's delightful.

i never knew that experience could be added up and that by a certain point in time i'd find myself in a place of peace about the vast majority of things that never mattered in the fist place. and that's not just because life as i know it right now is or has been all that easy, it's just i feel i might be getting better at listening to myself, the inner self, i mean. and something about making art makes me feel like i can hear better. i believe that makes sense. for now at least and that is all that matters. i ought to wrap up here, the night and the book are calling my name now. sleep well.