+engagment invite+

i have decided that i'm am going to share bits and pieces of my upcoming wedding with the world via my blog. it has been forever since i have written about anything much more outside of creating and making art. i cannot deny how excited i am, how thrilling these moments are, how fun it's been collaborating with fernando and celebrating with family and friends. it's just too awesome not to share a bit of all with my few and far between readers. those of you who still exist i hope you enjoy.

so to catch and get you caught up on all the most recent news...in a list form, which i love love love the most. here and briefly are the details as of today.

1. date of wedding - june 2011 - it's going to be an evening wedding, outside on a mountain

2. small wedding - 100 people on the guest list

3. engagement ring - includes a 100 year old diamond that was my great great grandmother's, she lived until she was 101, can you believe that?

4. dress found & ordered - i am so so so excited about this one!

5. engagement party this past weekend was incredible. our dear sweet friends threw us this amazing party. we had it at the chattanooga choo-choo in the victorian lounge. photographs coming! fernando and i collaborated on the engagement party invitation. i created the collage, as seen in previous blog post, he incorporated the invite text. being that fernando is originally from texas, we think stars are cool!

6. colors chosen - metallics here we come! can you say, "gold, silver, copper, and bronze"? cannot wait to show you all what we're going to be working on for decor.

7. i've chosen an etsy shop for the headdress/headband and grooms ring. cannot wait to show you all.

well for now that's about it. i have got a couple art project in progress too! woohoo!