=wedding=if you know what i mean=

on saturday my bridesmaids hosted the loveliest d.i.y. shower for me at my mother's home. due to the severe weather we'd had last week, many of us still were without electricity on saturday. so we gathered in the brightness of the morning. it was the most precious time, almost unbelievable to me that in a month i'll be a married girl. we dubbed the shower theme as "the no power shower." there was coffee and pastries from the coffee shops, a homemade quiche', and some incredible pico de gallo made by mom's latino friends. the decorations, made by my sister suzanne and bestie katie and provided by my aunt cathy were amazing! from the red tissue paper flowers and centerpieces to the silver and gold velum flowers on twigs to the mexican party banners, all were so beautiful.

my dear sister's in laws made the invitation for shower and gathered the food and paper ware. the entire day came together in a spectacular fashion. it boosted my excitement and allowed me to see friends i don't often get to see. in other wedding news, we started to decoration making process now, which i'm excited to share soon. we also have our invites mailed, and my first dress fitting was last week. we'll start packing mister f.m. up, getting ready to move him into my apartment, which oughta be super fun fun. we've got a plan that i'm excited about and think will work for the immediate future.

i wanted to make a whole bunch of this garland for the wedding reception but decided against the many hours it would've taken. instead a chose a nice white paper garland from bake it pretty. i also got several stars from luna bazaar. they are huge, let me tell you! i had no idea, but they're absolutely gorgeous!

in other non-wedding related news.
my friend kvs and i are creating/making bags from my (she is sewing + i am advising or something like that) ::on the fence:: banner material. we're still working on 2-3 prototypes and other sorts of things but we'll be launching and selling limited edition pieces, so keep checking here for updates.

i am also planning on having a large art sale in the next week. I plan to post new art work on etsy and mark down prices. Please be sure to check in daily for new deals on new art work. i am ready to begin a new series of work and start a brand new commission piece as well.

art.a.ma.jig is right around the corner and a summer full of painting, collaborating with my brand new husband, bike riding and market shopping. these days are life, these days are like a sunny day. i have several more things i want to share but until then, enjoy!