a list + photos

i am not sure i know how to write anymore.  i am not sure i have much to say and writing just like anything takes dedication.  and that i am not.  not dedicated because life takes over and time catches up with me.  the new job, mister fm, my lack of desire or motivation, the changes distract me.  and i'm fine with that to some degree but it is hard not to feel like i have lost a bit of myself somewhere and for that reason time eludes me for now.  i'll take a minute to make a list and share some photos.  a list + photos.

1.  spending time with friends

2.  drinking my first 'horse's neck'

3.  giving my car to my little sister

4.  trying to paint

5.  staying in contact with my grandmother {mommom}
      - her name is sonia, which i think is a lovely name

6.  looking forward to seeing the grand sister duo : first aid kit

7.  excited about hanging new curtains in our apartment

above is a piece i made for the AEC's annual silent auction benefit, art.a.ma.jig.  it was exciting to me to be able to make this new piece.  it was quite a departure for me.  it is still a landscape, but with out the trees.  i am hoping i'll get back to this place soon.  this piece was about a desert and was titled {as it seems}. a weird title, short for 'it's not always as it seems'.  

another photo i took the other night of mine and mister fm's pin board.  it's got pieces of us pinned to it.  little bits of us and what we love.  a few polaroids, a thank you note from a friend, postcards from our travels and from our favorite magazine {uppercase}.  parts of our identifications.
this afternoon, i walked with a couple of my co-workers to warehouse row and at from the food trucks that park+serve on thursday afternoons.  there are these telephone poles cut in half, painted with red stripe.  i love this idea and would really love to incorporate this idea into my home some day.  just the type of color inspiration i needed in my day.

i'm done.  must hit the sack.