::art sale!::

i have finally decided to have my own little art sale again.  so let us begin.  below you'll find seven (7) newer works of mine for sale.  they have all been created within the last two years.  as some of you may remember i've conducted this sort of sale before.  in the past during a sale like this i have made work available for a reduced (50% discount) price for only a short period of time.  this time i am going to do things a little differently.  hopefully you stumble upon something you cannot stop thinking about and must have!  if that becomes the case, i've provided a few "to buy/not to buy" tips below, to help make the decision easier.  if not, then please keep coming by every month or so to see what's new!  i thought i'd go ahead and lay out the plan, are you ready?

- each piece includes title, dimensions, and reduced price (50%-more off) - all work is on gallery stretched canvas, ready to hang.

- first come, first serve! - feel free to email me at catcollier@hotmail.com if interested in viewing or purchasing art work.  work will remain at reduced price for unlimited time or to be decided by me.

- i won't be able to negotiate the price, however, i will accept payment plans at your own convenience.  payment in full is required before art work is delivered.

- i will accept cash or check (payment must clear before art work is delivered).  not accepting credit cards or paypal at this time.

- i have created a set over at flickr, specifically for my current work on sale, it's probable that the image quality is going to be a whole lot better over there.  so please do check it out!

- i also wanted to mention that i am currently accepting commissions.  please do not hesitate to contact me.

thank you...

SOLD::feather trees:: 12"x36" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($400.00)

SOLD::in they came:: 12"x18" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($150.00)

SOLD::senseless trees:: 10"x10" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($100.00)

::oh canada:: 10"x10" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($100.00)

SOLD ::untitled landscape:: 15"x30" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($200.00)

::late night television trees:: 15"x30" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($200.00)

SOLD::lightning snow trees:: 24"x48" 2D Mixed Media Collage ($400.00)