Upcoming Exhibit : Sara Smith Self Gallery : September 2 - September 30

Many of you have been following along as I have been sharing my painting process and progress leading up to my upcoming art exhibit at the Sara Smith Self Gallery in Asheboro, NC this coming month.  I would like to thank each of you for the support and encouragement over the last several months as I have been creating this new series of work for the exhibit.  Your kind words and positive thoughts are affirmation and a part of what drives me to continue to paint and pursue my art full time.  I have appreciated every last comment, "like", and "follow" you have shared.  It is truly a gift to me to have such a loyal local group of patrons.  Even though I have been painting for many years, and have exhibited my work numerous times, the immense feeling of gratitude for the opportunity to share my paintings, remains and wells up in me even more as I wrap up final preparations.

There are a few of you who have inquired about purchasing my work.  My work will be hung on Monday September 1st and will remain in the gallery until Tuesday September 30th.  If you are interested in purchasing a piece of my art during the month of September you may contact the gallery directly starting on Monday.  The Sara Smith Self Gallery in the Moring Arts Center can be reached at (336) 629-0399 or by visiting the website, www.RandolphArtsGuild.com.  For you reference I have included the Title, Dimensions and Gallery List Price below each piece, pictured below.  I have also created a flickr album 'Sara Smith Self Gallery' for those interested in seeing my art work in a larger format.

If you have further questions feel free to email me at catcollier(at)hotmail(dot)com.  Thank you, and wish me luck! 

1.  'the passage of water through the plant' : 36" x 48" ($1,350.00)

2.  'passage + pattern ll' : 22" x 22" ($550.00)

3.  'passage + pattern III' : 16" x 40" ($675.00)

4.  'shell succulents' : 10.5" x 13" framed ($150.00)

5.  'succulent landscape' : 10" x 10" ($150.00)

6. 'jade succulent' (left) : 5" x 5" ($110.00)
7.  'spike succulent' (right) : 5" x 5" ($110.00)

8.  'symbol + code:star bright' : 24" x 24" ($675.00)

9.  'symbol + code:"X" marks the spot' : 16" x 20" ($400.00)

10.  'symbol + code:star bright/landscape' : 24" x 24" ($675.00)

11.  'symbol + code:target' : 10" x 10" ($150.00)

12.  'symbol + code:star bright II' : 5" x 5" ($110.00)

13.  'symbol + code:star bright III' : 5" x 5" ($110.00)