paper trail

so far my day has been hectic. how often do you feel taken advantage of? once or twice a day. and how much should i be willing to give? i would rather not visit new york or lakeland during the summer months, but the winter season is running out on me. and erin have you seen the gates? are they uncomfortable for the city to look at? i feel a bit like i should rearrange my place here. pour out some of the old and gather the fruit around me. there are amazing people doing amazing things and i know my mind is capable as well.

exciting news to tell of via hannah @ huffmania. she surprised me and sent out a precious box of treasures. it first came ups to my home, but i wasn't there to receive it, so i rerouted it to my officespace. then it was delivered to the wrong place and my good pal, carolyn in the city went to retrieve it for me. inside was the most thoughtful letter i believe i've ever gotten from someone i have never actually met before in person. i am just blown away and feel an immense amount of gratitude and renewed strength in the creation of this friendship-snailmail venture. hannah sent me sheets of this amazing paper. which i will have to take many photos of. she also sent a sweetheart clutchy-sorta pouch, two fine picked reads: Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger, her recommendation; for esme'-with love and squalor.
The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Oh this is so great. my firstest book trade ever. holy hell almighty! all may have gone awry, but in a very fantastic way. thank you hannah. now i have got to get off my proverbial backside and send this package off.


last night i came home and there were two men outside my apartment building. they seemed to be lingering in a sketchy way, yelling up to a lady in the apartment above mine. i sat in my car waiting for them to depart, but it was as if they were waiting for me to get out of the car. so finally i decided to be brave, cold, and unapproachable. i walked across the lawn staring straight at one of the men. all went fine, but up until i went to sleep the men were down on the sidewalk yelling up to "angie" or "angela". all i know is that she's a heavy footed woman. stomping all of the time now. if it's not her it must be the man who wanted up. i was very close to calling the cops last night. i just couldn't pinpoint if there was a conflict, drug deal or stupidity. i got a letter from the property manager that said we could call the po-lice if there was public disturbance outside. it is a difficult choice to make. i suppose if it happens again i will make the call. i just have some hang ups about cops and i don't want to reap the consequences with neighbors. ooooohhhhh brother.

yesterday when i was writing about that ernest hemingway book-the sun also rises. i couldn't remember the title. if anyone else wants to do a book trade i'm up for it. anything at all seriously. well i'm off until i think of more to share.

i also sent an early birthday present to kate, lotta jansdotter was/is having a sale on her 2005 calendars. it is a must check out. i'm constantly looking at her stuff and blissen.


thesoulofhope said...

Oh, I love to hear about snail mail goodness!!!

hannah said...

so glad you got your package, i was worried. i have a bad habit of switching numbers around. i cant wait to hear your take on that salinger book. i think it will be right up your alley.

Mom said...

Martha is free!!!
She gets out of prison today and is now in house arrest at her estate in NY.

dopeattic said...

what will the world do now that martha is free at last? they say she'll be even more popular, she's changed for the better and that she'll be "pooping" tons and tons of moolah. housewives across the country will be finding ways to get into prison, just so they too may become more like martha. hell i would vote for martha for president over oprah anyday.