polar opposites

(i deleted these images from my workforce pc, thought you all had seen them by now, they weren't good photos anyhow)

wow the weekend flew by too quickly. i barely had a chance to breath, between working, visiting a little with chris g. & betafish, laundry, church&nursery, and family day @ the parentals with nana ann.

work went well enough, except on saturday everything went awry. i opened the rx without a pharmacist, then when he did get there he had no keys to get in to the rx, then the alarm went off. i could not reach the manager because he had his phone of the hook. all in all the morning was not as bad as it has gotten here at uoha at times. i did not work sunday, but instead had nursery @ church and then went to the parentals for dinner with nana. i had not seen my brother aaron and sister n law in forever. talk about a most hilarious time. we looked through a bunch of photos. we asked nana about what our mother was like when she was a child and aaron kept dropping these one liners that sent mom into a red-faced laughing tisy. gosh, it's good to be with my brothers. i eventually left at five, to go home and take a nap. when i woke up i felt sick and headachy. spent the evening doing laundry.

i have not spent any time looking for flight to new york, nor have i established a specific time to go to atlanta.

i'm thinking of participating in month of softies per loobylu. i believe it is a really nice theme to work with and i have noticed that even though some people don't sew they are still submitting something. but i may sew something in paper, or stuff something in paper. i really ought to finish my familytree project, but i'd like my submission to m.o.s. more specific to me. on friday i bought two balls of wonderful yarn. a shop around the corner from where i live opened about a month or so ago and the temptation got the better of me. i went in to find cubies full of all kinds of fine yarn. i had no earthly idea there'd be so much quality selection. i got one ball of mixed fiber, wool and i believe acrylic. the other is 100% wool, but i forget from where and what brand. my uncle is coming down this month over easter and should be bringing my knitting needles. how awesome would it be to do knitting and collage in one piece?

right now i've got some crazy things i'd like to send out or actually just get rid of. i have some of those vintage xmas candles, the dorky ones. i actually sent one off to hannah, but i've got about 5 more. there's an asian looking santa claus. his eyes were painted at a slippery angle. there's a red very faded tree that now looks like a peachy pink tree. yuck. is anyone interested? i'll attempt to take a photo or two to post. i'll have to look through all my "junk" again, but for now if anyone wants them, they're free, with or without a comparable trade. oh well you all may just find them in your packages as a trade comes up.

the photos is from new jersey, a corner of leisuretown, southhampton way. the snow grew quite deeper than this but i took most of my photos with my manual. i like the negative and the play on words. polar(snowy, frigid temps)oppposites. howya like me now?

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katiek said...

We're pretty busy until mid April when it comes to weekends if that helps in decideing when to come down. email me with specs...