spring forward hurry

come on spring, lets get a move on here. i am absolutely tired of this drizzle, sleet, windy, weather. i did not think i would feel this way about the winter of two thousand of five. i usually love the frigid temperatures, but not when it is totally disgusting outside. it is especially a struggle when i have got to work @ rx, thirty miles away. blasted nastiness. oh well there is absolutely nothing i can do about, except for one thing. i am going to take off early here and head for the bed. tonight is another night at the dallas bay rx, so even though it is only for three hours it take a total of an hour to get there and back.

today the drug reps have brought us panera. umm, can't tell if the sierra turkey was worth it or not, sure do like the crunchy chips though. i went to hobby lobby the other night and spent a bundle on spring crafts. i cannot wait to get finished with it all. i was so happy because i finally got an alphabet stamp set, fiskars with flare edge capabilities, pearl origami paper (hint:for paper birds & flowers), i bought some magnets, because i am inspired when i look at kate and not martha's homegrown magnests. mine are a bit different, no paper involved, but just a little something i picked up at my favorite high scale thrift store biglots. i'm hoping to have the tiny things sent out before easter, but we shall see.

i got a lovely package via my mom and susan green from fenn in lakeland. i'll have to take photos and post away. my priority is to show you all the carrysmall that hannah made for me. the truth is i am embarassed by my photo quality here, but hell, it is better than nothing. fenn sent up a shoebox of assorted items. a kimono change purse, a stuff bird(beanie) named early, a platform mag, silly putty and much much more. she's been working really hard on promoting herself, tumbleweed. she is making her own cards now too, which is nice. they are collage, but much more organic in color and style. i love them, especially the ones with paper i recognize.

i finally got up the stomach to show you my criminal photo. post falling out of bed. i also know that i've posted a bicycle photo like this one before, but i cannot help it. i love the blurred out color, line and positive negative space thing going on. i'm really excited about the things i hear alot of you are working on. for instance, kate and her vessel painting just seems to have metamorphed, hannah is sewing the most beautiful baby blankets and she's just about to start collage. i cannot wait. by the way thank you both for your cards. i'll be following up very soon. as always i'm inspired by hillary and her wee productions. and i now know exactly what i want to mix when i do the dj debut thing. that is when i get some records, turntables, and an audience. yikes what am i thinking? i've got to get myself through these next few weeks without collapsing. but i was fortunate to have this experience of experimentation with beta on tables. horray!

there are great things in life, aren't there?

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