they're quakin, they're shakin

i have been starving all morning. this week has been fairly hectic at work and within the rest of this cat-life. i have been training someone new in the office, so keeping up with my j.o.b. has been a bit of a wild challenge. i've been trying to be very thourough with my training, because i don't know how much help i'm going to be once we get new hardware/software. we will all be learning then. i'm expecting that a few people will have moocho difficulty keeping up to speed and there will be overtime involved too.

the rx is keeping me on my toes too. working monday night, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday. i am loving it though. i have begun to feel the exhaustion set in, but i'm not anywhere near giving up. as my plans develop for big, huge change the more i become motivated to work hard. i'd really like to take a day off, this coming week but at the same time i want to build that vacation time up.

i suppose i expect too much from my life at times. i expect that i should always have something filling up my time and when a day or week goes by without a busyness surrounding me i begin to feel a little glummy around the edges. but this week has not been the case. speed, rush, a jettison sort of movement.

i feel my body rising to the occasion. i don't feel as chubby or tired, like a void of energy. although the art time has been limited i think i can get in a few good hours saturday morning before work at one. i have been getting alot of your letters and postcards. and even though they aren't specifically encouraging to my situation, just news from around the world. they are so nice and considerate. i got a postcard from the virgin island that made me think of honolulu. i cannot believe places like hawaii and the v.i. are actual places where people inhabit. i think jason spends half his time in traffic over there in the HI state though. and it costs so much you'd have to work your tail off. i think that's why people find so much comfort in chattanooga. that's exactly one of the reason i am looking for a change. i may have had a financial set back but all i needed was some financial accountability and a hearty talking to, to shake me from my poor ass, debilitated circumstance. i am working on putting together an easter project for all my snailmail acquaintances. but i'll be keeping it on the down low until i've got the majority completed. i also am going to attempt another art show/exhibit around april. the association for visual artists has two all member shows a year. i suppose the first is progress. the theme being that of our little growing city. especially over there on the northside riverfront area. i'd like to do a sewing paper project but i'm thinking about how to show real movement and direction. i wish that i could work more three dimensionally sometimes.

i also want to start taking photos of playgrounds at night. is anyone else interested?

have you noticed all of the amazing music lately. bright eyes has two new albums out. they are both worth checking out. also andrew byrd has the mysterious production of eggs out on ani difranco's label righteous babe records which does not press vinyl by the way (per chris g.). i have also been hearing alot from the local band the features who just signed on with some record label, not sure which one. i bought a modest mouse cd but haven't been as impressed. i think i bought it because of the blue and orange cover art. i liked my interpol cd better. but you know what stays in my cd player the most. the 45's mix "never shall i slumber." if you are heavy into reggae it is most definitely worth you hitting him up for a copy. i have found that the music is really uplifting, reminding me more of the early days before my music choices became so angsty and tired. "let the words of my mouth and meditation of my heart be accepted in thy sight ooooohhhh lord" stuff like that makes a prayer seem like a simple conversation with someone sitting across from me having coffee and a cigarette.

i'll be away for the weekend so i hope you all have a good one.

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