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today and all the rest of the week will end up being a whole lot better for me. i feel more peace and can honestly say that being here continues to strengthen me. obviously i never know who's really reading, but it is most definitely exciting to hear from people like the aunite d. and others comments like hers are just what i need inorder to pick up my imagination and willingness to share again. i feel often too behind the rest and cannot stand to post an old photo are piece of work. i decide mostly to surf the internet just to find things to share with you.

so no waste wednesday on a thursday. i really do love looking at everyone's beautiful handiwork and so wish everyone had an opportunity to have their own sites to sell from. i'd never get any work done. i found these cards to be so delightful. julianna's illustrations are so airy and simple-edible slightly. a watercolor delight!

and who could resist these sweet treats. i'd love to eat them, but not so edible. just so perfectly crafted! i can see this girl growing and growing. i've got a list so long of purchase priorities, her items top the list!!!

if you are an artist with more ambition baby than you know what to do with. i'd check this happy new illustration site out. it looks as though you'll beable to show & tell & sell. sounds like fun and so much more inspiration and imagination that one could possibly ask for in one gulp.

if you're a mom or dad with lots o kids running around i'd suggest the cardboard box. we might need to have a cardboard swaporama...

spring is right around the corner and you know you've got to check out picnic. a preview of their new spring line-pics galore! when will chattanooga see clothing designers like these?

oh and i am very excited to have found kate's paperie. her paper selection is phenom!!!

well i'd say that's probably all that i should give away today. i am working for the very next four days straight no stop, so pray i make it through. i've got a boat load of things to look forward to, and must take some photos to share. don't forget to check out my flickr. i've got it very nearly neatly organized. and if you'd like to own a photo let me know i'll sell it, send it for just a pinch. better days with truth on the tip of my tongue.

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