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not to post, without it i feel a little less of my life is moving forward. oh how i love my blog and our fine blogworld. i haven't had a whole lot of time. i was too fortunate to be in atlanta over the weekend with the k. fam for josiah's third birthday. we went to the new largest aquarium in the world aquarium on sunday afternoon for like 4 hours straight. found my own way to harry's after a weary turnabout in marietta and went thrifting, which i've not done in about a century. we had a glorious time and i felt i might've redeemed myself after stupidly missing josiah's second bday.
i came back on monday night through the very severe though southern winter weather. (so it wasn't as bad as or as beautiful as this or this). i spent most of the day on tuesday helping my friend out, but happened to old navy and bought a pretty little summer top which i'm not hesitating to wear today. even though the waking temp was about 24 degrees. i must say that i'm going to have to kick things up. i have got to stop being such a putz and finish the projects i say i am going to finish.

i was too fortunate as well to get a sweet, rather delicious mailorder from amy @ kingpod. although i do not think i got a subscription, which i regret terribly. oh well. i am still going to have fun. i am going to work on my cards for a sweet card swap with jm @ scraping and jesus this weekend. i am so looking forward to a more creative spurt. i will i will. and on top of that kate is making some real nice paintings, congrats in welcoming oil back into your life!

and by the way, i've mentioned before that i often get a lot of my fotos ie. the one above from a site called veer. i typically will leave the emblem on the right hand corner so that you'll know but i wanted to reply to what mecozy asked about the dove piece being mine. it isn't! it is from veer and on that one i did crop the logo. there is everything there @ veer. fonts and fotos galore. kate and i sometimes marvel that the stuff "falls" off their site so easily, but i attempt to always give credit when asked. the fotos are usually taken by individuals and so on and so forth, so i'm not so sure where the dove (last post) came from. so sorry. on this one the very top i did a search using the key word "owl" because i love how so many of you out there love the owls, thought this might find you a bit more inspired.

i've gotta work all weekend. i'm so glad you all like my postcards. cannot wait to see the gallery open. i have gotten 7 out 10. hope to see the final three come in soon. i'll attempt to post pics soon.

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andrea said...

thanks for the kind comments on my flick (aquarium) pics... we were there on sunday too! but not until late afternoon. we were fortunate enough to receive season passes (generous christmas gift) and so I'm hoping to spend lots and lots more time there... amazing, isn't it?

and speaking of atlanta, do you ever hit up lakewood fleamarket? it's one of my favorites, 2nd weekend of each month. treasures abound. next time you're in atlanta, do say hello... :)

(may be organizing a (small) postcard swap in the next couple of months or so... might you be interested?)