where would i be

a no waste wednesday wishing it was valentine's day one more day this week or twice more in the months to come. maybe i could be more honest about the love i feel in my life. i know and feel to be a better lover of my life, family and friends now than when i was at eighteen, or even twenty five. so now it is thursday...

1. mojo burrito show/exhibit of old and new work (12 pieces at the least). march 4th through march 31, 2006. thanks to my friend matt. 5
a. four new pieces (two already done)
b. business cards (kate you got the link?)
c. more slides of older work
d. framing framing framing it all up.

2. DG picked it up last night @ "thanks a million for shopping a books a million"

3. B/D picked it up last night as well. couldn't help it. such incredible inspiration. i am also looking-shopping mac's. i may embarass myself here, but i do not care. things are changing in my life and i realize there isn't going to be a whole lot of judgement coming this way anyway. but i applied for a line of credit and only got a $1000.00 bucks. so my mac will have to wait until i save a little bit more moolah. i mean a grand is nothing, right? a mac 5 is up there in the 2500-3 g. price range. i have goals, you know, ideas that aren't going to be squashed by anything or anyone.

4. the ultimate guitar school i've though i haven't check this site out completely i'm sending it kate's way for j3 a.k.a josiah. there maybe something fun here for the whole fam.

5. started the biggest loser on february 14th, 2006. goal weight loss is thirty pounds. my body mass index tells me that i am obese. wouldn't you know it. i'm supposed to be one hundred to one hundred and ten pounds. hell! i'm going win the $300 bucks. i've got 12 weeks, that's 2 and 1/2 pounds a week. you may think i'm crazy...whooohooohooo!

over and out.

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katiek said...

You are crazy, you look great the way you is! Sessy girl! the business cards are www.vistaprint.com. you have limited choices of layout, but you can put all kinds of info on them. Awesome about the Mojo show! I would totally chow down with some guac checking out your art!! I can't wait to show Jos the guitar link. We'll hafta wait til he deserves some computer time, he's being naughty and not eating at the moment.