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under the surface of my life, there are beautiful places. to get through a difficult day or week it is vital that i create. just the other night i went shopping for a camera. i've already got a 35mm canon but have so wanted, so waited, worked two jobs for over a year now to get a really really really nice digital camera. a canon. horray a canon. so here it is: powershot SD450. so in my free time last night i went to one of my most beloved places here in chatt. right across the street to the ole' chattanooga choo choo and took a whole bunch of photos of the coy. this one was my favorite out of the bunch but i've put a whole lot more on my flickr account. check it out.

i am fortunate to have this upcoming weekend off. sometime on friday i am going to have to go pick up my framed work at framewrights. on saturday evening i'll be hanging my work and the exhibit-show will run the month. i've got a little bit of work cut out for me in the next couple of days. with my new camera, the not so dinocam, i hope to bring you new, improved, current and inspiring photos. no more excuses or regret here. i have got to begin the process of building the foundation of my work. putting more time, more effort into the joy of creating. i happened to get an eggroll yesterday, later in the afternoon my fortune cookie reminded me that creating is proof of life. i appreciate that small bright thought. i'll have to write another time...too busy now. just a quickie update.


katiek said...

happy that you got a camera! can't wait to see some more fun pictures!

andrea said...

we just recently purchased a canon digital camera (powershot A610). but I was so resistant-- I love my canon 35mm so much (and the look of film)-- had a hard time warming up to the idea of digital. BUT. we have (literally) about 50 rolls of film from the past five years that have not been developed... we can't ever seem to keep up with the developing. I'm not going to stop shooting with the 35mm but I have definitely fallen in love with digital... the instant gratification you experience is unbelievable (and quite addictive) and at least now we may be able to catch up with all of our film developing, ha.

love the shots of the fish... can't wait to see more.