by way of introduction

self portrait challenge

in way of introduction, i missed last week. i take a whole helluvalot of photos of myself. you'll never see them though, i tend to delete over ninty percent of them. only a handful reach the public spectrum. i suppose we all do the same thing, don't we? it'd be a first, and maybe one day i'll grow the muscles enough to post the really bad photos of myself. it is embarassing to even think about putting up the less than desirables.


i am so short you guys! so first, back in 2002 i lost my bed and so the doctor's that i work for, were too kind and bought me the bed of my wishes. the bed i chose is big and i've got to kinda hoist myself upon it. secondly, i have a bike that i got from my aunt c. that i've not ridden but wish to. and thirdly i've got a lamp that doesn't have the wire or shade, but is an antique. the mirror was a gift and now i look at myself more than i ever have before. i wish the reflection was less blurry, but glad it isn't. my legs won't ever touch the ground as i sit on the end of my bed. i'm below five feet and my legs are super short. my favorite part of is my hair. i think that i have some pretty hair. that and my madeup eyes might just be what i think is the best part of me.

the other part of me intro: i think i still like my apartment. i like some knick knacks. i have a heart for books and low red/orange light that glows. i do not like my black kitchen counter tops. i do not like clutter but tend to have some here and there. package piles to be sent out, bills/reciepts and cvs schedules, magazines galore! i love eggcups and have a small but varied collection of yellow cups mostly. i still have a valentine mobile from dear kate hanging as well as my "i'm very proud of my" paper flower christmas wreath. the two seasonal items pass under the holiday "fadar" due to the fact that both are slightly less holiday-ish, just colorful.

last night i came home after hanging out with matt for a little while. earlier in the day i came home from the office to a sweet sounding package in my mailbox. one of the last times i saw kate, she came over and we were up until the wee hours of the night. a part of our conversation was devoted to my new found appreciation for praise and worship music. it's different than what i grew up with at ncf, a combination of things have changed and so my tolerance for xtian music. but i suppose i could recieve a whole lot of critisism because of my desire to follow my faith and hence listen to this sort of music. but i am thinking that i do not care. the cd's include 'enter the worship circle', hungry & surrender which are two vineyard cd's, sara and another woman. and a prophetic cd with jason upton on it. after all these years, after my love for indie, hiphop, electronic, and folksy music fade i suppose therein lies pnw! and miracles do happen! ask someone who has had cancer and all of a sudden it is gone from there body, no explaination!!! but that's beside the point. i'd like to know what kind of miracles you've experienced in the last day or two. just to see, ya know?

so anyway i'm out.

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ellia said...

hahaha, your short info made me laugh, girl!!!! how short are you?! i am 5ft even....

and christian music eh?! i can give you names to many non traditional bands.... i wa never big on the mainstream christian bands but i do like the "underground" kind... i used to go to alotta punk concerts and well, it was fun:)