weak in color:blue

keeping up with andrea's week in color here. thank you acj!!! although i have my own "twisted" version, only because i am "weak" over color anyway and i'm all about another venture in week in color. last night matt and i went biking and to my bewillied amazement we came upon a very very large blackish sort of snake on the concrete path. this time i passed so quickly by that it didn't even occur to me that it was a snake at all. it was! and it was a huge one at that, probably about 3 or 4 feet long. i don't know that i am terrified of snakes exactly, i just get this little gagging sensation in the back of my mouth and start imagining it eating a baby rabbit or bullfrog or something small. oh and then i had thoughts of accidentally running over it and it popping up and biting my ankle. anyway, matt took a branch and scurried it off into the grassy wooded area. so glad we don't see snakes every bike ride or else i'd end up heaving.

i think i participated in a couple of weeks of color, last year in june, if you're interested go and check it all out again. have fun and you should join in! and if you're up to it you might and try and guess where, what and to whom my blue today is about.

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andrea said...

oooh, I'm loving how you're posting your colors collage-style. loving it. xo