eating for my eyes

wednesdays used to be no waste. remember when? i barely remember. it is difficult uncovering and discovering these days when so many do it full time. i have found some things i'd like-like but do not need and won't be purchasing but think they're worth a small bit of your time. for instance i am now getting a csa {can someone help me? i have no idea what csa means} bag a week full of vegetable bounty. oh yeah well um but, i need good food and carrots aren't on the list of things to share.
saturation for one

sparkle for two

and starlings for three

ok so they're not starlings but "s" was apart of my running theme, having nothing to do with the csa bounty or the carrots.

it's just been one of those days. happier now though that i've gotten new canvas that just happened to be 30% off sale. now finally i may actually have something to show for my non motivated post clothesline self. i'm thinking of fortune. and not my own fortune, and not fortunate but what i haven't quite figured it out, when i do i'll let you know. tomorrow night, that is thursday is my third to last time at the rx. it's not going to solve my restlessness to be finished there but it may help me eventually manage my time or some of these priorities.

eating for my eyes. watching my dairy intake. buying a new bicycle. learning to make new art. reading the chosen by chaim potok. getting eight hours of sleep. sending out clothesline invites. crabtree farms picnic. pool time with the nephews. sleeping past seven in the morning.

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