no waste wednesday

i have been meaning to bring no waste wednesday back, though i'm not certain it means a grand amount or that other's would designate a day. many of you don't have the time to explore links provided but it is such great fun to promote and acknowledge other work and product.

1. hypehopewonderland just found via beautiful decay

2. in new issue of domino there's an article i've not read yet but one that looks of interest-succulents, ironically here's my pic version.

3. can you say aaron kraten? this work excites my like no other. it's this style that i'm crazy for and about-behind my freezing tree pieces that aren't anywhere near the quality/depth. honestly i couldn't have told you who this guy was until today but heck it is beyond worth sharing, shout about it! every single piece of his is color rich, line savvy, simply sick art is out of this world! KATE!!! (i will buy his work someday: dream of the day)

4. and friend chris @ chrimmons

in re: to above photo. this one could go with the wire of my ledge photo really. the attraction is to line and the barren tecture. what do you all think, i mean who knew the wire below my office desk could, look at least through my eyes, so swankyswell! i'll be out for the next couple of days, heading down to the atlanta and probably won't be back until monday or tuesday next week.

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